About Us

Studio Iris specializes in studio & event photography, offering a complete photographic service:

 Studio Photography

• Digital studio photography
Children & family photography
PR Portraits
Portfolios for models and actors
• Advertising and catalog photography
Passport and Visa photos

The studio provides various digital lab services, from printing pictures out of all media types, through  scanning films and photos , burning memory cards onto CDs, up to film developing & printing. All services are supplied by skilled, professional and up-to-date staff that keeps abreast of the ever changing technological advances in photography.

For sale there is a huge range of photography products:
  memory cards,films, digital & analog  cameras, photo albums, wood and metal frames, tapes, batteries, camera cases, tripods, and much more.

Event Photography
Small event? Large event? Our professional staff is at your service!
Studio Iris specializes in photographing various events: Weddings, Brith Mila, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, formal ceremonies, opening nights, introductory parties, embassy events, conferences, and more.                                                                                 

Also at your service are pre-wedding photos at various locations, as you wish & prefer.

We use state-of-the-art digital stills & video cameras  . To cover your special event in the best & most satisfactory  way, we photograph  spontaneous stills photos, mood & atmosphere photos, and classic family & group portraits.